DISCORD and DayZ Server Rules

These regulations present the terms of use of the Discord and Camp Boruta DayZ servers.

- using game and discord servers means accepting the Server Rules! 

- breaking any point of the rules is associated with sanctions adequate to the degree of the offences, 

- using game and discord servers is completely free, 

- administrators and support members never will charge money for any activity! Admin does not require any of your passwords or account credentials!!! Messages from administrators and support members on Discord or the game server/steam might be a scam and treat it as spam!!! 

- netiquette rules apply on the server, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etiquette_in_technology)
- donations for server maintenance are completely voluntary and the donating player does not receive any additional privileges or items,

- users using names that are offensive or violate any cultural values ​​will be removed from the discord and game servers, 

- questions should be directed to the administration or support on the Discord server (people marked with the appropriate rank). Please use 🆘support channel on our discord server for your and administration connivance, 

- any actions aimed at presenting players/administration in a bad light, without evidence or logically explaining of such allegations, will be punished with removal from the community,
- the administration reserves the right to change the content of the regulations without prior notification. 

Game server rules of Camp Boruta

1. Game Rules

1-1. Use of game bugs in order to gain an advantage on the server is forbidden. Offenses such as cloning, clipping through walls, using interactions or a relog to peek through walls, combat log, plot boosting, etc. will be severely punished, 

1-2. Cheating is forbidden and will result in a permanent ban on the server. Playing with the cheater as well. The administration reserves the right to verify players,

1-3. Remember that everyone wants to have a good time. If you come across someone in the game, think twice if sending them to the coast is the best solution. RP is not required, but we encourage you to play smart and initiate interactions. Someone unarmed or fresh may become an ally or reveal useful information. Behavior showing signs of a pure will to destroy the world will not be tolerated,

1-4. Don't be toxic. Respect other players - including those who killed your character. Any toxic behavior will result in removal from the community, 

1-5. The maximum number of members of one group of allied players cannot exceed 5 people. Up to 5 players can be assigned to one flag territory. Making alliances or dividing into sub-units is allowed, but any signs of powergaming related to breaking or avoiding this rule when noticed on the server - administration will react,

1-6. Remember that trading can turn out to be a trap! Trade can be carried out on the dedicated Discord channel or by voice ingame. Please do not spam any trade offers on the main in-game chat channel. The administration does not interfere with the course of trade, so it is suggested that you do not make any exchanges or sales yourself. Use intermediaries and look for allies. After the transaction, it is please rate your exchange partner on the #trade channel on the discord server, 

1-7. Changing the nicknames of your character and game accounts in order to hide your presence on the server is not allowed and will result in the death of the character,

1-8. Combat log is not allowed. From the start of the combat action, at least 5 minutes must elapse before you can leave the server. If you can't wait that long, give up or leave your character exposed. If you have left the server for technical reasons, please report this fact to the administration via the support channel and return to the game as soon as possible for the mandatory 5 minutes,

1-9. The server uses mods, so the administration is not responsible for the possible withdrawal of a mod from the Steam workshop repository, and thus for the loss of items on the server. The game itself is updated about 2-3 times a year and during this time there may be problems with the availability of the server and its resources. We make every effort to ensure the most stable gameplay. Losing a vehicle or equipment due to player lags or a game error will be compensated only in very justified cases (e.g. error due to administration / support),

1-10. Stream sniping is forbidden. Watching a stream by player or a member of his group while they are online on the game server will not be tolerated, 

1-11. All matters to the administration should be reported through the🆘support system. Sending private messages to the administrator will not be replied. All information in support tickets is confidential information between interested parties and it is forbidden to make it publicly available without the consent of the author,

1-12. It is forbidden to log out on the territory of the enemy base. If you enter the game and you are blocked, report it to the administration. Raiding such a base will be treated as breaking 1-1 points of the rules, 

1-13. Completed server events and in-game player interactions with the admin will be shared publicly on discord❗#lore❗channel. There is a possibility of not publishing sensitive information, please consult Boris.

2. Basebuilding

2-1. Bases can be built anywhere except military complexes and within 1km of the Safe Zone,

2-2. Each base must have at least one raidable entrance. Each item must be stealable after the raid - blocking access to the loot or hiding it under textures is prohibited,

2-3. The base can have an unlimited number of gates and security,
2-4. No stacking gates and walls. There must be a space for at least one player between build objects,

2-5. No floating bases. All walls or floors need to have a physical support, 

2-6. One group/faction can only have one base secured with codelocks and a flag. It is forbidden to share bases with another group/faction in order to circumvent this rule. Having bases or goods elsewhere is permitted but may not be under the territory or codelocked. A territory protected by a flag or codelocks is considered a base,

2-7. We recommend using a flagpole and territory mechanics to protect against disassembling/destruction of the walls or to building in the vicinity by unauthorized persons,

2-8. There can be only one territory flag per base.

3. Base raiding rules 

3-1. Destroying, disassembling or cutting a CodeLock on any base construction object protected by flag territory (active flag icon next to the object name) is considered a base raid,
3-2. Base Raiding may only take place within the time frames specified by the administration. Currently, the raid hours are from 18:00 to 00:00 CEST on days: Friday, Saturday. Information about raid times can be found on the ❓#about❓server Discord channel,

3-3. Structure damage and CodeLock sawing is enabled automatically within the raid timeframe,

3-4. When the raid time is over or has not yet started, CodeLock's cutting and wall damage interactions are automatically disabled. However, this does not exempt you from properly securing your base against intruders sneaking in or destroying objects or vehicles inside the base protected by a territory flag,

3-5. Poorly built-up base is not a basis for cancelation of the raid and return of lost equipment. Furniture, vehicles or other free-standing objects inside the structure protected by the flag territory may be destroyed by weapons projectiles, explosions or male damage,

3-6. Raiders are asked to make screenshots or recordings showing the method of getting to the base. They can be helpful in conflict situations,

3-7. If the administration detects the possibility of breaking 1-1 points of the regulations, a support ticket will be opened and failure to explain the case will mean admitting guilt,

3-8. Only one vehicle or game object can be used to boost inside. You can only jump onto one player,

3-9. The use of a helicopter or other vehicle to clip throu objects is treated as a glitch from the 1-1 point of the regulations,

3-10. Removing, destroying or cutting the flag on the territory secured flagpole can only take place during the healing of the raid timeframe! Bases without active protection by flag territory (active flag icon when protecting the object) are not protected from dismantling,

3-10. It is forbidden to log out on the territory of the enemy base. If you are unable to leave the enemy base during the raid, you must kill your character. The administration will not get you out of the traps.

4. Vehicle rules 

4-1. One player can own max one vehicle. One faction or group can only own one helicopter. The excess will be deleted along with its contents,

4-2. Vehicles during longer stops should be covered with camouflage nets. Uncovered vehicles in the bases can be removed along with their contents,

4-3. Collison damage to the vehicle is disabled, but this does not exempt from the necessity to use them carefully. DayZ has a very unstable vehicle system and desynchronizied characters can cause them to clip through the ground and loss. In the event of desynchronization (long lag, vehicle bouncing or vertical movement), please log out of the game or get out of the vehicle as soon as possible! Synchronization should fix itself or when you re-enter the game. In the case of a helicopter, it is suggested to turn on the auto hover and land gently,

4-4. Rolled over vehicle can be turned on its wheels with a wrench or by colliding with another object in the game (barrel, chest, piece of furniture),

4-5. Returns of vehicles that were not covered with a camouflage net or lost due to their destruction through no fault of the server will be declined.

Last rules update: 12.02.2023